Main Entry: ap·pa·ri·tion Pronunciation: "a-p&-'ri-sh&n Function: noun Etymology: Middle English apparicioun, from Late Latin apparition-, apparitio appearance, from Latin apparEre
1  a : an unusual or unexpected sight : PHENOMENON b : a ghostly figure    2  : the act of becoming visible : APPEARANCE - ap·pa·ri·tion·al /-'rish-n&l, -'ri-sh&-n&l/ adjective

Web-sites with visibility!

Desktop Publishing

Apparition Web Development & Services creates high quality graphic designs for small businesses and hobbyists. We work with you to determine your requirements and the vision you have for your Company. We create unique and specialized designs that reflect your business and who you are.

Whether you require a flyer designed and distributed or a fresh new look for your letterhead; we can deliver your project on time and on budget.

We use up-to-date equipment and the latest programs, including "Adobe Creative Suite", "Microsoft Office", "Microsoft Publisher" and "Macromedia Studio".

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